Friday, February 19, 2016

Orton Gillingham Method

We ended our A week with the Orton Gillingham Foam finger memory tracing. Orton Gillingham believes that in order to train the brain to remember sounds and names of letters you must add movement in repetitive motions while chanting like we did, "apple, Aaaaaaah" while making the letter A in the foam. You can also do this while tracing in the air with your finger or using a marker on whiteboard or chalk on blackboard. 
 I used a strawberry foam that came in Gage's shaving toy kit, and a metal tray that would show up nicely once the shaving cream was traced in.
I am by no means a expert on OG however, my Daughter takes OG lessons once a week for a hour so I watch intently and I can see it working with my own two eyes. 

Gage is being tested next weekend for Dyslexia as it can run in families. I figured why not use some of the OG methods to mix things up.

We tried doing this properly true to the OG method but Gage has issues with being wet, sticky or "messy" so we used a thin paint brush instead of his finger. Truth be told he did try with his finger but it truly freaked him out so we got cleaned up and tried again with the paint brush.

At the end I asked him what A says and as pictured he said "Aaaaaah". 
I call that a Success! 

In review of our A week I have to say it was fun however, this foam memory trace was by far the best at getting him to remember first what A looks like and second what the phonetic sound for A is. 
Next week we are exploring the letter S

Thanks for looking and as always I appreciate your comments.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A is for ahh, ahh, Aeroplane

This is more of a update from my last post

I randomly looked up a song about letter A on YouTube and now we all have it stuck in our heads  found here .   Gage loves this song! We did a letter A craft based on the song. I allowed Gage to pick out a animal or object from the song and he picked aeroplane.
The chalkboard activity was very popular and Gage decided to wash the entire board after tracing the letters
Sadly the Lego activity was not so popular. I'm not giving up tho we will try again later this week.
Our favourite toy this week is our see through blocks from scholars choice
Awesome blocks to use on the light table
My daughter who is 7.5 really enjoyed them and discovered she could make the letter i
Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Letter A

So Little G is really struggling learning his alphabet visually and phonetically. I decided to dedicate the next 26 weeks to one of the 26 letters. I have been searching Pinterest boards, google etc. I came to find These pouches from Montessori Ici. I'm not so sure I will have time to make them but they are definitely on my DIY list of things to make this year. I think the thought of doing up 26 is daunting.

This is where the pouches would come in handy. After we are finished this week I would like to have somewhere to keep this set so he can go back and visit it whenever he wants.  In the basket is a Aeroplane, alligator, anchor, apple a letter A and a card with a ant on it with the lower case a.

did find This awesome free Lego cards from Wildflower ramblings.  Now my kid loves Lego evident by the number of Lego I find in the sofa and in his bed. This just might do it! Now this boy would only learn his colours by using dinky cars in a bag. As he pulled them out we recited the colours. Fingers crossed her enjoys them as much as I think he will.

Play dough A sheet. He can trace the A with the play dough and stamp the play dough with the A cookie cutter.
Our handy dandy button page from Making learning fun

I wanted to buy a sandpaper Alphabet set but my goodness its expensive! I ended up browsing Michael's craft store and found these rectangle pine pieces and sticker embellishments that have a really cool texture. 

This week we are using the A with our salt tracing tray

Next is tracing and printing A's on the chalkboard. Tracing with a paint brush and water. We have done this activity before but on construction paper with paint. You can see the post HERE

And our Magnetic Leap Frog Phonics Farm. Luckily i managed to fins a magnetic tray. I like that he can hear the letter sound and what the name for A is.

I also have a pin poking activity ready to go but i will update later this week when I introduce these trays.
Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Patry 2016

Just a little Valentine decor. Hope you all have a wonderful day of love!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Oldies But Goodies

This post is linked up with Living montessori now, Montessori Monday. 
Nova Scotia is getting hit with a major storm today so I kept little G home from Preschool to be safe. To keep him busy I put together some old trays that his sister has enjoyed in the past. 

Pin poking inside a heart on Styrofoam
Filling in the hearts and letter H with pink and red buttons. Pages are from Making learning Fun

Pulling out facecloths
Organizing hearts by colour
And our new light table a DIY project I did over the weekend
Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pin poking tray work

Thanks to living Montessori now who posted about pin poking on her blog I decided to give it a try with G.

Thanks to Living Montessori Now for her post about pin poking I decided to give it a try with G.  I don't have the proper pin poke and tried to find one in Canada but couldn't find any, I decided to give a toothpick and a cork a try.  In the future I think I will just use a thumb tack or a super sized thumb tack. I searched Pinterest and that seems to be what a lot of people are using for this lesson. So the goal of this activity is to poke holes along the black lines close together so the shape will break away from the paper.

He enjoyed this activity a lot until the toothpick broke, so we didn't get to the final stage of actually releasing the heart from the paper.  I will pick up some new thumb tacks tonight so we can finish tonight.

Thanks For looking and I appreciate all your comments

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Egg peeling practical life tray

Anyone else have a kid obsessed with eating eggs? Not just any eggs, has to be hard boiled eggs with nothing on them.
"You crack them open like this!"

Lately it seems little G doesn't want to do basic tasks for himself so I put together this tray to encourage more self control and patience.  Peeling eggs is a skill I know he can do but has never tried because "mommy you do it". Funny how putting things on a tray can change their attitude to "mommy I do it"
Gage is speech delayed as he was legally def for over a year so he's playing catch up. Putting together trays has really opened him up to using more vocabulary he wouldn't normally use such as crack and peel. 
We had to have egg sandwiches after he finished his tray. Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments 
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