Sunday, February 28, 2010

Booo it's sunday:(

Back to work tomorrow! However, CANADA WON THE GOLD!!!!!!! YEHAWWWWWW.
Anyway i said i wasn't going to do any crafts this weekend but guess what?? i did! A few actually but they aren't all finished. My sister Kat came over and put the roof on the felt play house for me. Looks a ton better. Will look even better when i put the front on. I decided to be part of the Felt House Along found here:
I haven't signed up yet but will figure that out soon enough. I think i will go at my own pace but get inspiration from the group.
So i was super miffed at the knock off mod podge i bought at a popular craft store here in town. I made some wood salt and pepper shakers and to finish them off i put a coat of this stuff on. Low and behold it streaked white all over a few of my projects not just the salt shakers. So i had to repaint the shakers and start over. The pics i took are after repainting and the paint is still wet.
So this week i will be planning the theme for the felt house. Any ideas what i could do with a bight orange tent? I thought of doing a VW bus but that would take a lot of windows and really the house would be see through if i did that. Soooo please post suggestions i would really appreciate it:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick crafts

Yup that's Jada with her underwear on her head. Thank god it wasn't mine this time! So today was a quick craft day. I'm having trouble getting into the whole St.Patrick's day thing so i looked up some crafts online and this is the only thing that i liked. As for the play fort....i had extra material left over from halloween and the kids are going stir crazy. And a reminder that i don't measure anything! so yeah that's why the corners are puckered and nothing looks straight. I don't think the kids will mind. ( MAYBE MY LOVELY SISTER CAN COME TO MY INPATIENT RESCUE AND
)So hopefully tomorrow when they come to daycare they can use their imagination and fill the day with self propelled play. One can only hope lol

well it's finished

I used oil based paint that i already had from the play kitchen project. Also used tissue paper, mod podge that again i already had. The stickers i had left over from decorating her room and those came on a huge sheet from the dollar store. I paid $11 for the stand. All in all I'm happy with it. Just wish the tissue paper cooperated a bit more. Really my expectations are too high for tissue paper. What did i expect? when you wet tissue paper you should expect it to rip and crumble! lesson learned tissue paper is not good for large projects. I should have waited to find the perfect wrapping paper as planed but i thought the tissue paper would go perfectly with the light switch i made her.

Wenesday night crafts was making a Heating bag

You know the things you stick in the microwave. Super easy. I made mine out of two pillow cases. The inside sack that holds your rice should be cotton. The outside case should be removable so you can wash it. All you have to do is make the outside case slightly bigger than the inside sack.
You can find directions here:
Oh and did i mention i used my sewing machine! yes it decided to cooperate again! I'm starting to think it depends on my mood lol.
My rice sack looks a bit crooked but i think it's the way the bag was sitting??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm working on it.... Looking better already!

so last night i went out with a cranky toddler to get my kijiji finds. Jada was only cranky at the end of our travels nothing a few cheesies didn't cure.Come to find out once home her diaper leaked! Why oh why did i put a pampers diaper on her! lesson learned no matter how much pampers are on sale never buy them!!!
Anywhooooo back to my point. I brought the kijiji stuff home and once Jada was in bed i started to prime the ugly bed side table. I hope to put the last coat on tonight but will depend on if this coat is dry.
I am on the hunt for some wrapping paper that is pretty and girly. Stay tuned to see what the wrapping paper is for

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kijiji Finds and other stuff

I found a really cool solid pine hutch on Kijiji. Usually i don't have much luck getting things on there. It seems i'm always too late to get what i really want. The price was a steal at $100!!!!
Tonight i'm going to pick up the retro dresser! i'm so excited!!! i'm finally getting so great deals. Now the dresser was $50 but i talked the guy into giving it to me for $40.00. Also i'm picking up a bed table tonight and have great plans to refurbish it for my daughter.
I haven't really had time to do anything crafty over the past few days. However, i did get the felt onto the bottom of my husband wood catch all box. It scratched up our new dresser at the time oh lets say 4 years ago! yes i finally got around to felting the bottom. Now to figure out how to get rid of those scratches.
I am going to attempt to make my own version of the birthday block over the next few days. I will need a block of wood, scrap book paper, mod podge and wire. Stay turned for the pics :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!!!!!

And i'm still catching up. I finally finished the curtains for the play kitchen last night. My sewing machine decided to cooperate so that was a sweet bonus! I'm not a machine sewing kind of girl nor do i measure. I eye ball everything that a sew..that said i think the curtains look pretty good. What do you think?
Last night i put the finishing touches on my daughter's light switch. It used to have all kinds of fish all over it. All i did was paint it pink and mod podge some pretty tissue paper over it. I think it's a pretty good match to her new bedding.
So as promised i am here to post the super easy and super fun craft i told you about yesterday. I got this idea from here:
If you follow the link there is a tutorial on how to make this super cute travel baby wipes container cover. The wipes cover took me from start to finish 35 minutes.
Well look at that i'm all caught up from the beginning of January to today. Now i'm going to start making a quilt for Jada Roo's bed....wish me luck! remember i don't measure tee-hee!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching up

So sinse the beginning of 2010 i have found lots of inspirational projects by reading others blogs. My first projects inspiration came from this very tallented woman Making a play kitchen out of an entertainment center.
Let me tell you it looks easier than it is. First the bottom shelf that the television sits on was far to low so I (i mean my DH) had to rise it up a bit. The other difficult part was the painting. I can't tell you enough how much i dislike oil based paint. It was all over me, my living room floor and more. I know what your thinking...why on earth would you paint in your living room? Well it's winter here so there is no way the paint would dry outside. Well now i know to wait for summer to do anymore painting projects. It's one of those live and learn moments. Anyway i am very happy with the result but more inportantly my daughter is over the moon with it!
We don't have an ikea here in N.S. so i had to be creative and use what i could get my hands on for the pot rack. I went to walmart and bought a towel bar for $5.99 and some shower curtain hooks for $2 and voila a pot rack!
It still needs curtains and a few touch ups but other than that it's the best that i can do. I just wish that i would have seen the smaller version before i started this project. Here is the link to the much smaller one
just scroll the pics on the right of the screen.
Stay tuned because i will post my second project tomorrow and trust me it was super easy and fun:)

First Blog ever! February 18, 2010

So here i am in the blog world. After spending hours and hours searching and reading blogs i wondered how on earth i was going to remember all the cool things i found on them. So i decided i better have a go to place where i could link my favorite blogs and share my own ideas.
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