Sunday, February 28, 2010

Booo it's sunday:(

Back to work tomorrow! However, CANADA WON THE GOLD!!!!!!! YEHAWWWWWW.
Anyway i said i wasn't going to do any crafts this weekend but guess what?? i did! A few actually but they aren't all finished. My sister Kat came over and put the roof on the felt play house for me. Looks a ton better. Will look even better when i put the front on. I decided to be part of the Felt House Along found here:
I haven't signed up yet but will figure that out soon enough. I think i will go at my own pace but get inspiration from the group.
So i was super miffed at the knock off mod podge i bought at a popular craft store here in town. I made some wood salt and pepper shakers and to finish them off i put a coat of this stuff on. Low and behold it streaked white all over a few of my projects not just the salt shakers. So i had to repaint the shakers and start over. The pics i took are after repainting and the paint is still wet.
So this week i will be planning the theme for the felt house. Any ideas what i could do with a bight orange tent? I thought of doing a VW bus but that would take a lot of windows and really the house would be see through if i did that. Soooo please post suggestions i would really appreciate it:)

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Hi New follower loving your activities to do with children.
can you please tell me what the salt and pepper shakers are made of, i would love to make a set for my daughter who is just getting into playing tea-set.

Thank you

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