Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching up

So sinse the beginning of 2010 i have found lots of inspirational projects by reading others blogs. My first projects inspiration came from this very tallented woman Making a play kitchen out of an entertainment center.
Let me tell you it looks easier than it is. First the bottom shelf that the television sits on was far to low so I (i mean my DH) had to rise it up a bit. The other difficult part was the painting. I can't tell you enough how much i dislike oil based paint. It was all over me, my living room floor and more. I know what your thinking...why on earth would you paint in your living room? Well it's winter here so there is no way the paint would dry outside. Well now i know to wait for summer to do anymore painting projects. It's one of those live and learn moments. Anyway i am very happy with the result but more inportantly my daughter is over the moon with it!
We don't have an ikea here in N.S. so i had to be creative and use what i could get my hands on for the pot rack. I went to walmart and bought a towel bar for $5.99 and some shower curtain hooks for $2 and voila a pot rack!
It still needs curtains and a few touch ups but other than that it's the best that i can do. I just wish that i would have seen the smaller version before i started this project. Here is the link to the much smaller one
just scroll the pics on the right of the screen.
Stay tuned because i will post my second project tomorrow and trust me it was super easy and fun:)


Fawnda said...

Fabulous! I love it! :)

Kenzie said...

So cute! Great job!

Jessie said...

This is so cool! Ok, i'm totally on the craigslist hunt for a cheap entertainment center! Awesome job!

Mama Pea Pod said...

Oh, I love this! We bought a cheap plastic toy kitchen at TESCO 3 years ago for $35, thinking it was so cheap and flimsy, but it would hold us over for a few months before breaking, then we'd have time to get a nicer one. Well, that $#%^#$ thing is still going strong, despite daily use! It does make some cool cooking sounds that vary depending on which pot you put on it, but it is painfully pink, purple, and plastic in our living room! One day, I hope we will replace it with something like yours. Love it!

Lori said...

I should have never seen this! HAHA!
Wow! I love it! Future project!

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