Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!!!!!

And i'm still catching up. I finally finished the curtains for the play kitchen last night. My sewing machine decided to cooperate so that was a sweet bonus! I'm not a machine sewing kind of girl nor do i measure. I eye ball everything that a sew..that said i think the curtains look pretty good. What do you think?
Last night i put the finishing touches on my daughter's light switch. It used to have all kinds of fish all over it. All i did was paint it pink and mod podge some pretty tissue paper over it. I think it's a pretty good match to her new bedding.
So as promised i am here to post the super easy and super fun craft i told you about yesterday. I got this idea from here:
If you follow the link there is a tutorial on how to make this super cute travel baby wipes container cover. The wipes cover took me from start to finish 35 minutes.
Well look at that i'm all caught up from the beginning of January to today. Now i'm going to start making a quilt for Jada Roo's bed....wish me luck! remember i don't measure tee-hee!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Cool projects! Found you through Made by You Monday. Hey, do you know of Halifax blogger Chelle at

Andrea said...

Hi there Holly,
i took a quick peek at Chelle's blog but i don't know her as far as i could tell by looking at her profile. Your my first comment ever so thankyou very much for stopping by. Hope you will return:)

justkiddingaroundatlanta said...

love the play kitchen, how creative!! :o)

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