Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Projects

Here they are!
I made a quilt for Jada's dolls with my old sewing machine. After fighting with it when i started the rag quilt i gave in and bought a new one.
The rag quilt is all flannel and oh so cozy! Just don't mind the loose threads i still have to pick them off. The doll quilt could use a good ironing too

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm still here

In case anyone was wondering. It's been a crazy few weeks with packing, travelling to Cuba for my big sis's wedding, swimming, jet skiing and so on. I regret not really letting the vacation soak in. You know what i mean? You get to your favorite vacation spot (Cuba)and it takes a few days to learn the ropes of the new resort. Even on our last day there i was still asking my family what time lunch was served. Seriously now why did this information not soak in. Am i still suffering from baby brain?
Anywhooo it was a great vacation! it took a few days for the babes to settle and get used to the heat. She never did take to the ocean so we stayed close to the pool.
Major bonus was when we got home Jada got off the bottle!
Well off to bed not much crafting going on in this house just a few renos. Pics to come:)
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