Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love Halloween! It's probably one of my favorite holidays. We have already started decorating the house with plastic pumpkins,ghosts and Indian corn. We also have Thanksgiving to celebrate next weekend. In the next few weeks I will incorporate both holidays into our activities.

The Play dough was made by using my favorite play dough recipe found on my scroll bar on the right. I added gel food coloring to give the dough a more vibrant color. I made the play dough a few days ago in preparation for today and I still have food coloring all over my right hand. In the future I will wear gloves. I just hope the color doesn't get all over the kids hands!Lets hope that by now the color is all soaked into the dough and will stay put. I will be back with an update.....

Whats inside:
-black beans (bought at the bulk barn)
-skeletons (3)(dollar store)
-foam shapes (dollar store)
-plastic pumpkin (dollar store)
-wood scoop (etsy)
-plastic suction cup spiders, rat and bat (dollar store)
-plastic mini light covers (candy bags and candy corn)(bought who knows where! I had them for a very long time now)

Is Anyone Listening?

A question I ask myself ALL.OF. THE. TIME........Boy oh boy it's been a hard day at the office. Jada Roo is a cranky girl today and does the exact opposite of what I ask her to do. Yesterday she fell and gave herself a fat lip so today's pictures didn't go so well, between the fat lip and the attitude she is giving me and all her friends. Today's pictures are from a very small period of time that she was "playing nice".


She just about has it

See the fat lip?

She was so proud of herself for figuring it out after Mommy showed her how to do it.

And Herman the donkey needs to find a new home. He sat in the Daycare for the past 3 years unused collecting dust. I think he may make an appearance at a birthday party for a very special little boy this weekend. That's if Jada doesn't break him first!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

So what does 3 apples keep away? boredom that's what!

I got this activity from HERE It's a great site for all sorts of activities that can go along with your themes. Best of all it's free!

I should probably mention that today was P.J day:)

A few post ago I talked about how you can use Picnic on Facebook to make printable personalized pictures. I got them laminated and guess what Jada couldn't have cared less! Oh well we will try again soon in the future.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open ,Close, Scoop and Pour

Nesting dolls were a bit hard for Jada. She got the idea that they opened and closed but didn't put them inside of each other. Maybe she just didn't want to?

I told her to try and find the baby that was hiding inside. She is all about babies these days so it kept her interest.

In all it was a good activity that we will definitely be trying again.

The Epsom salt scooping was a huge hit. However, very, very messy! and when it hits the floor it bounces and hides under the furniture. Also the funnel was too small for the salt so you had to jiggle the funnel to get the salt to pour down into the glass bottle, something Jada has no patience for! At one point I just took the funnel away and she was way more comfortable just scooping right into the bottle. There was a few spills but she was o.k. with that.

This was where I took the funnel away. You can see how careful she was trying to be

Skeleton As Promised

A few posts back I promised I would be back with my version of the milk carton skelleton. Trust me he was not easy to make! I only had a picture to go by.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Today is applesauce making day sinse we had so many apples from yesterdays trip to the orchard.

Jada cuts the apples into small pieces with a butter knife.

Add a bit of water about 1.5 cups to the apples and start cooking for 15 min.

Mash them up once they are soft

just about finished

All finished and cooled in the fridge for a few hours. So yummmmmmmyyyyyyyy

Sunday, September 26, 2010


We were invited to go apple picking today in the country. We do this annually with a group of friends. And since this week coming will be our last week of Apple related activities,I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a trip to the country.
Jada kept saying "Apple" and picking every apple in sight. She is so sweet and she makes us laugh all the time. We saw some baby cows and she tried to climb in the pen with them and shouted "mooooooooooo". There was so much to do. We did a corn maze, tractor ride, tire climb, slides, pumpkin picking and cows and apple picking of course. There are so many great pics i wanted to add but it would take me all night to sort them. So I made a collage instead:)You can click on the collage to open a new window so you can see the individual pictures better.
We plan to make a huge batch of applesauce (some to freeze) this week with our daycare friends

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jada Roo at Tot school

So after Reading lots and lots of inspirational blogs I finally got some materials together to start doing activities with Jada and her little friends. Here is just some of the things we have been doing in the past 2 weeks

Cotton ball (pom-pom)transfer

Look at that hand control! Jada is 25 months old

She loved this activity so much she didn't want to share with her friends. I am happy that she is so excited about the activities but we need to work on her sharing skills.

Tong transfer. I collected the cones from our last trip to Alberta. Jada loved this activity and sat for at least 20 min!!
I will try my very best to start doing a play dough and activity tray that will go with our themes, seasons and holidays.

Look at how happy she is:)

Art activity: Apple prints

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jada Roo Turned 2

It was a beautiful day to have a little girls birthday party outside. My beautiful baby girl is 2!!!! I just can't believe it. Here's to many, many more little Roo!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween is a comin

Yup one of my favorite hoilidays is a comin. I have a zillion pics saved to my computer from years of searching and borrowing pics from the net. Here is a pic of the skelleton that I used for inspiration (no idea where I found the pic) when I made mine. I will update when I dig it out and put it up I PROMISE.
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