Sunday, September 26, 2010


We were invited to go apple picking today in the country. We do this annually with a group of friends. And since this week coming will be our last week of Apple related activities,I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a trip to the country.
Jada kept saying "Apple" and picking every apple in sight. She is so sweet and she makes us laugh all the time. We saw some baby cows and she tried to climb in the pen with them and shouted "mooooooooooo". There was so much to do. We did a corn maze, tractor ride, tire climb, slides, pumpkin picking and cows and apple picking of course. There are so many great pics i wanted to add but it would take me all night to sort them. So I made a collage instead:)You can click on the collage to open a new window so you can see the individual pictures better.
We plan to make a huge batch of applesauce (some to freeze) this week with our daycare friends

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