Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Anyone Listening?

A question I ask myself ALL.OF. THE. TIME........Boy oh boy it's been a hard day at the office. Jada Roo is a cranky girl today and does the exact opposite of what I ask her to do. Yesterday she fell and gave herself a fat lip so today's pictures didn't go so well, between the fat lip and the attitude she is giving me and all her friends. Today's pictures are from a very small period of time that she was "playing nice".


She just about has it

See the fat lip?

She was so proud of herself for figuring it out after Mommy showed her how to do it.

And Herman the donkey needs to find a new home. He sat in the Daycare for the past 3 years unused collecting dust. I think he may make an appearance at a birthday party for a very special little boy this weekend. That's if Jada doesn't break him first!

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