Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love Halloween! It's probably one of my favorite holidays. We have already started decorating the house with plastic pumpkins,ghosts and Indian corn. We also have Thanksgiving to celebrate next weekend. In the next few weeks I will incorporate both holidays into our activities.

The Play dough was made by using my favorite play dough recipe found on my scroll bar on the right. I added gel food coloring to give the dough a more vibrant color. I made the play dough a few days ago in preparation for today and I still have food coloring all over my right hand. In the future I will wear gloves. I just hope the color doesn't get all over the kids hands!Lets hope that by now the color is all soaked into the dough and will stay put. I will be back with an update.....

Whats inside:
-black beans (bought at the bulk barn)
-skeletons (3)(dollar store)
-foam shapes (dollar store)
-plastic pumpkin (dollar store)
-wood scoop (etsy)
-plastic suction cup spiders, rat and bat (dollar store)
-plastic mini light covers (candy bags and candy corn)(bought who knows where! I had them for a very long time now)

1 comment:

Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

That is really cute! Karen
Sippy Cup Central Mom

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