Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open ,Close, Scoop and Pour

Nesting dolls were a bit hard for Jada. She got the idea that they opened and closed but didn't put them inside of each other. Maybe she just didn't want to?

I told her to try and find the baby that was hiding inside. She is all about babies these days so it kept her interest.

In all it was a good activity that we will definitely be trying again.

The Epsom salt scooping was a huge hit. However, very, very messy! and when it hits the floor it bounces and hides under the furniture. Also the funnel was too small for the salt so you had to jiggle the funnel to get the salt to pour down into the glass bottle, something Jada has no patience for! At one point I just took the funnel away and she was way more comfortable just scooping right into the bottle. There was a few spills but she was o.k. with that.

This was where I took the funnel away. You can see how careful she was trying to be

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