Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Family Picture And More Fun

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Our Family Halloween picture for 2010

Let me just say that these costumes are not very flattering lol
Oh and yes I made our costumes this year:)

Watch the skeleton grow

Making Mr.Pumpkin Heads

I did not come up with this Idea. Some guy who sells the plastic pieces to Dollarama did lol.
I make some small holes ahead of time in the gourd so Jada could put her pieces in without too much trouble.

Pumpkin Carving

I caught a picture of the spoon in mid flight

ewwww pumpkin guts

My Sister, Kari took some beautiful shots of Jada Roo at the park.

I think I will use this one for Christmas cards.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Great idea on the the potato head parts on the baby pumpkins! Kerri

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Love the costumes! Family themes are always adorable, too bad my husband would never go for it, and my son would take his off. But the crayons, may not be flattering, but it's Halloween, it's fun.

Andrea said...

Thanks ladies:)
@ Elle Belles Bows in hind sight I should have used oranges for the Mr.Potato head pieces. Would have worked way better:)
@ Sand to Pearl I think if my husband would have let me be the black crayon It wouldn't look so bad. Black is a slimming color. Also next time I will stand side on like he is:):)

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I can't post comments on your newer posts, so here goes:
Thanks for putting all this stuff together, and as far as I could see you do write where you get some of your ideas (other ideas are EVERYWHERE, what are you supposed to do, put down 10 sites for one idea?)
And I love your blog, it's great, I try to "water down" some of the stuff for my 1 yr old. He's pretty stubborn with everything, but every once in a while he shines with some recognition.

Andrea said...

Thank you Beth! I appreciate your support. unfortunately it only takes a small few to put a bad taste in my mouth.
I'm so glad you are getting some ideas for your little guy:) Stay tuned because November is all about Dino's!!!! so excited:)

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