Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Homemade Christmas

I am pretty excited for Christmas this year so Jada can play with these:

100% recycled tree blocks made from the dead fall from hurricane Earl.

The bags I made to hold the blocks with a cute tree pattern. I made an extra set for my niece Eden. I hope the girls like them as much as I do. When I worked in a big daycare we had a set that cost a lot of money. It was a very small set and the children loved them so much they started to fall apart. To tell you the truth I forgot all about them until I saw this post. I got my hubby to cut these ones a bit thick for extra durability. I hope it works.
Are you wondering what's in the small bags yet????? I will keep you guessing for another few days :)

Some of the dead fall waiting to be recycled into play blocks

Hubby cutting the blocks in his way too over stuffed shed.

Thanks hunny!
So how do you make them? so simple
1. Find some dead fall
2. Mark your branches where you want them to be cut
3. Cut with saw along marked lines
4. Sand any rough edges to prevent any splinters during play
And you're done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy


Lorie said...

What a clever idea! They are going to love them!

Lyndsey said...

Hi, I'm Lyndsey from over at
and I really like your blog and the projects you're doing with Jada Roo and her daycare friends. You are doing exactly the kinds of things I intend to do when my little guy is a bit older. I think that you're the kind of mom I'd like to have as a friend. Ok, that sounds weird and creepy, I know. haha Anyway, I love your projects!

Angela said...

Oh where do you find the time? Oh so busy as I remember. I still have my Knitted socks.
Thanks Ang

Jessie said...

Hi, its Jessie from! I bought some tree blocks months ago (quite pricey) but I just never imagined they could be that easy to make! I don't have that "handyman hubby" but I think i'll give it a go anyway! They really do make great gifts!

Andrea said...

Jessie if you are o.k. using a saw you will do just fine:) They really are great blocks. Please post a pic if you decide to make some:):)

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