Friday, October 29, 2010

MoNsTeR SlImE AnD DiRt AnD WoRmS

Monster Slime/Touch and feel without the mess!. I got this idea from a handout that i got from a children's activity workshop.
All you need is a clear plastic bag, hair Gel in your favorite color, and some google eyes. The instructions didn't say to use eyes but I thought they would go with this activity really well for Halloween.

Jada Roo was away yesterday visiting her Nannie so I didn't get any pictures of her doing this Dirt and worm activity. The older children had a lot of fun making it though. They especially liked licking the spoons!
And a special Treat for the Kaboose Readers. I wish I had a plaine T-shirt to try this out!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I love the worms in dirt! Makes me remember my childhood. And the slime bags, awesome, that's fun for lots of ages, guess what we're going to be doing soon!

Barbra Stephens said...

I absolutely love this! Great post!

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