Monday, November 1, 2010

November Sensory Bin And Play Dough

I am up WAY too early for a Sunday! Jada must have decided it was time to get an early start on the Halloween festivities. Right now she is sporting her skeleton P.J's and watching a show on PBS while giving the cat hugs and kisses. I love that kid!!! Anyway I thought I would show you what we are doing for November in regards to our theme.

This Months Sensory bin matches our Dino theme. Here is what is inside:
Various different kinds of rocks, plastic Dino's, plastic trees, cinnamon sticks (logs), and plastic eggs with Dino babies inside. I might add a container of water for the corner later, for the Dino's to swim or get a drink. I got the Idea for this sensory Bin from HERE.

I found this place mat at walmart for $2.00 I hope it will be a good conversation piece.

This months Play dough is to represent dirt. I got this idea after I googled play dough for dinosaurs. I can't find the link now but trust me it's out there. Anyway the site I found suggested to add peanut butter to the dough to make it look like dirt or use cocoa. I went with cocoa because I have some little ones in my care that haven't had peanut butter yet. It smells so delicious! this has proved problematic with Jada. Since it's homemade I try not to worry so much about it. The worst that can happen is she gets really thirsty from the salt.
If you want to see an awesome dinosaur play dough masterpiece click HERE

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