Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Open, Close and Matching

What toddler doesn't like opening and closing things? Jada is forever playing in my Tupperware cupboard taking the tiny plastic covers and matching bottoms and trying to fit them together. It's no different for dressing herself. She is frustrated with zippers and that tricky Velcro that seems to be on every toddler jacket out there. I got this idea from HERE and borrowed it So here it is.......

A basket of open and close objects in many forms that we find in everyday life

She loooooved this activity. I think I will keep it out and rotate the objects on a weekly basis

That little striped purse that you see in the basket has a zipper and Velcro. Jada loves the sound the Velcro makes and opens it again and again.

Leaf matching game

Jada's daddy saying goodbye this morning and giving a little help before he heads to work

I made this activity back in my day care centre days.
This activity was a bit tricky because the laminate makes it super slippery and hard to keep in place. I might add some tape to the backs of the leaves.

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Counting Coconuts said...

Thanks for stopping by Counting Coconuts - I'm so glad you've found some useful ideas on my blog!

Thanks also for letting me know about your giveaway - I'd enter it, but it's only open to the US & Canada. :)

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