Friday, October 15, 2010

Spider Tong

Spider tonging has been a great sourse of excitement this morning. I got this idea from HERE.Jada was starting to show some signs of boredom for the spider scooping and color sort. We will still be doing those activities but I will put them away until sometime next week. For now she is very happy to try a new activity and it keeps her busy.

She has a lot of spiders tonged at once

Hard to see but she has one spider tonged this time

The expression says it all. Can you feel the excitement?

And because it's Friday..........

Every girl should have a goose!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Those tongs are an excellent idea. I should try them with my little man!
Oh, and I know, I comment a lot, so if I get annoying just tell me to stop. I just figure you're putting it out there and feedback is always nice. (right?)

Andrea said...

Thanks Beth! I love comments you are welcome to comment as much as you want:) Makes me feel special lol
As for the tongs I bought them off ebay only to end up finding a huge bag at the thrift store. I can send you some if you send me your address
email me at

Emmyann said...

Where do you get the plastic tongs? I have seen them before, but can not find them online. Great site, I am new to SAHM and a former teacher-- I really need to work on a schedule with my 2 year old! Any tips?

Andrea said...

Hi there Emmyann,
I bought my tongs off of ebay and then the next week I saw them at our local thrift store. I typed in plastic tweezers in the ebay search bar. Our first set I took out of our emergency kit. I think you can get them at teacher supply stores too???
As far as tips go.....hmmmmmm I really don't know what to tell you. You have to find your on grove and the rest will fall into place. Start small and make a special time of day everyday for certain activities. I also take children into our home so I have to fill our day with activities so the kids keep my accountable.
I hope this helped??? I like to ramble lol
Best of luck and I hope you get some ideas from my blog:)

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