Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I love Thrift shopping. Now that I am changing our learning environment around I see things that we can use. In the past I saw it as junk, but now it feels like I won the lottery when I find wood pieces, unusual tongs or baskets.
Today's Thrifty finds:
Roll of green Grip it
Wood divided dish
2 sets of tongs
1 nut dish shaped like a heart/leaf
1 glass container
1 Cuba jewelery box
Red Christmas box decorations
2 plastic eggs that open (perfect for next months theme)
1 frame for my personal use
And not pictured I found the perfect gift for someone that is very hard to buy for. It will be a vintage present but I'm sure this person will love it. I am so excited to give it as a gift, it's perfect. I will post pictures after Christmas.
Last week I saw a real pipe with tobacco still in it and I wished that I bought it. I thought who on earth would buy that? Well today I searched for it but it was gone:( I wanted it to make a snowman kit.
Over all it was a great adventure for me and little Jada, filled with lots of "mine!", "Mommy, Mommy" (In other words I want this please buy it) and giggles when she discovered herself in a mirror in the shoe section. We brought my sister and niece along too. Jada thought it was great fun to chase Eden around and find lots of mischief together. We had a great morning!

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