Monday, October 4, 2010

Turkeys, Pumpkins and Puzzles Oh My!

Our thanksgiving art activity. I wish I got some pictures of her making this but her hands were full of paint and she was ready to touch the walls, the cat, her friends. Anyway some days I need octopus arms to get anything done.

Here are my pumpkins that didn't turn out so well. Jada doesn't seem to mind though she still likes to look at them and use them as balls. The apple ones I made turned out really well. I will try to remember to take a picture of them soon.

Lately Jada has been showing interest in puzzles. When I try to help her at daycare she becomes preoccupied with all the noise and hustle and bustle of the other children. Very typical for her age group. Also she tries to take out all the puzzles at once (we have at least 20!)I took advantage of a rare quiet moment in the evening and we sat and worked on one puzzle away from the daycare and all the other stacks of puzzles.

This is where she becomes frustrated with the lack of speed it takes to do a puzzle. She gets about 3 to 4 pieces in and gets frustrated and dumps them all. She is really starting to get the hang of right side up and fitting the pieces in correctly. I focus my attention on giving her lots and lots of praise in hopes to keep her motivated and focused. I think based on her age she is doing very well. This will be an ongoing activity that apparently will not only practice hand eye coordination but patience as well.

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