Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year we have 2 advent calendars going at the same time. One downstairs for the daycare and one just for Jada upstairs. I thought I would share what is in both of our advents for those of you stuck for ideas. I didn't want Jada to focus on the stuff (candy)that comes in advent calendars so I did a few days with some surprises but mostly activities that we can do together. Each day has a tiny slip of paper telling us what activity to do or where to find a surprise.

Jada's advent:
1. Put up our Christmas tree
2. Christmas tree Chocolate
3. Listen to Christmas music
4. make a marbleized ornament
5. Go for a Wagon/sleigh ride
6. Look under your pillow for a surprise (Hair Elastics)
7. Go for a drive to look at Christmas lights
8. Make some Christmas cards
9. Play with our Christmas themed play Dough
10. Make a foot snowman painting
11. Find a surprise under your pillow (a snowman pez)
12. Play with our Christmas themed Sensory Bin
13. Read some Christmas books
14. Look under your pillow for a surprise ( singing snowman)~ I got it on clearance last boxing day
15. Build a snowman
16. Make some orange clove scents (activity)
17. Make a reindeer from our hand and foot prints
18. Go for a winter walk
19. Attend Grampie's Christmas Birthday (he was born on Christmas eve)
20. Have some hot chocolate
21. Go sledding
22. Watch the polar express
23. Bake cookies
24. put out cookies for Santa and read the night before Christmas
25. Mini Santa Chocolate

* Please note these are not in any particular order as they may change dates depending on the weather*
I tried to correspond Jada's advent with the Day cares. Again this is in no particular order.

Day cares Advent:
1. Christmas sensory bin
2. Christmas themed Play Dough
3. Make marbleized Christmas ornaments
4. home day
5. home day
6. Put up our Christmas tree
7. Orange clove scents activity
8. Christmas felt stories
9. Snowman made from our foot prints
10. make cinnamon ornaments
11. home day
12. home day
13. Ice cream cone Christmas tree decorating
14. Snowman buttoning
15. Have some hot chocolate
16. Reindeer feet and hands craft
17. Read Christmas books
18. home day
19. home day
20. special treat
21. watch the polar express
22. Build a snowman
23. Cookie decorating and class party
24. home day
25. home day
stay tuned for future posts on these activities. I hope you can use some of these ideas:)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bathtub Painting

This past weekend I was sick with a bad chest cold and lost my voice. Hubby had some stuff to do away from the house so I was on my own to take care of Jada. I had no energy to do anything but Jada was itching to do some sort of activity. I decided to use an idea that a friend posted on her Facebook page. She has two children and giving them paint in the bathtub was her solution to keeping the mess contained. I figured I would give it a try.
Here are some pictures of our adventures

A boat load of paint

Just getting started. At first she just wanted to get one finger dirty with paint

Then she really started to get into her groove

Jada added some more tub toys to the fun

Oh so careful where she put the yellow


And her finished masterpiece

It turned out to be a great activity. Jada really stuck with it right to the end (20 minutes). Easy fun and a quick clean up. Just remove the art work and diaper and turn the shower on. watch the mess wash away!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

December Play Dough

December's Play Dough

It smells heavenly! I added peppermint extract to the dough, One of my favorite scents besides cookies, pumpkin pie and cinnamon. And since the dough smells like peppermint I decided to do a little candy cane play dough making activity with the children. More on that later in another post.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Memories Of Christmas Past & Present


Christmas 2009

I miss this sweet little person........She is still sweet just not so little. Sniff......

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bubble Wrap Painting

Recycled Materials are a favorite for art activities

We made some bubble wrap prints on a rainy afternoon. Yes it is still raining here after 3 weeks! we did have a bit of snow yesterday but melted due to more rain!

Wow my child has a nice rats nest from nap time

Her favorite thing to do with paint is paint herself! I guess she wouldn't be a toddler if she didn't :)

Our creations drying on our art clothes line. I dry them here them transfer them to another clothes line that is out in the main room. This is about to change as I saw a really cool art board in the blog world that I must try!

Soft Sensory Bin For November End

Thank goodness for the end of Dino mania! I have been itching to move on to new things. I had this bin planned for March but came up with an even better idea. The children are in love with how soft the pom poms are.
For the past 10 years or so of making sensory bins this one is always a favorite with the children. Sometimes simple is better.

This is how all the children have been holding the strange tong/scoop thing. I call it the scissor scoop tong lol

These two monkeys stayed and sorted the different sized pom poms for well over 40 minutes!

I can't wait to show you all my December bin that I have had planned for over 2 months now!

Oh and some exciting news......I finally got a new camera! so I hope my pictures will look better starting with this post:)

Recycled Snowman

If you have children odds are you have a bunch of these kicking around your house.

And if you have a baby I bet you have a bunch of these in your recycling bin

Why not make a super cute snowman with them. Add a pom pom to the toe of the sock for a hat, add some buttons, eyes and a bit of paint and you have a cute candy, cookie or threat holder. The next one I make will have a scarf and some earmuffs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Edible sensory Bin

How cute is this? Jada would LOVE to not only make these cute snowmen but eat them too. You can read all about it HERE on Milk and Cuddles.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Play Dough

Our Dino Play Dough was getting very yucky. I forgot to add cream of tartar when I made it and well, it just looked and felt yucky. So I made a new batch, this time WITH cream of tartar. I added some coconut extract and vibrant blue food coloring. I gotta tell you it smells so good in here today. The smell reminds me of the pina coladas we had in cuba. Yummy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Make A Light Table On The Cheap

Look Familiar? maybe something from your childhood?

I bet you guessed right??? Well if you guessed Light Brite you are 100% correct. I made my light table out of a vintage light brite that has changed hands many, many times. Very simple really.....well um if you are handy or your husband is. In my case my husband is handy and I am the one with the vision.
All you do is cut a piece of plexiglass to fit the top of the light brite. Just make sure it fits snuggly and there will be no need to glue it in place.

Next make a box with an open top and bottom. The bottom needs to be open so you can feed your power Cord under it. You need to make your box slightly smaller than the top of the light brite so the top will rest nicely on the box. (I still need to paint the box)

Then just place the light bright in the box and voila! a light table made super cheap!

I have no idea how I came up with this one. Must be the sinus medication I'm taking lol
Jada also has a very nasty cold this weeked and is getting her share of popcicles to sooth her sore throat. She thought the light table was pretty cool but she was just too tired to really enjoy it. I hope she gets better soon!

If you made a Light Table I would love to see it:)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Confession Friday

Here is my confession.............................I'm tired of dinosaurs. Really tired of dinosaurs! I think 2 weeks of Dino mania would have been enough. Since there is 5 weeks in November I have decided to take the last week as a prep week for December. The children will help me get the activity materials together and we will discover lots of new things. For example I am working on making a Light table. Should have everything finished tonight and will be ready to post all the details tomorrow??? maybe.

In the mean time here is a peek at some of the materials that we will use with the new light table. And because I really don't like posts without pictures.

Tissue paper shapes laminated.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty

I made Jada a Kitty hat. When I was a little girl I had a yellow one that my mom knit me (I will spare you my pic). I wanted Jada to have one just like it so I set out to make her one. Please know that I am a beginner knitter. I tried to take a picture of the one I just knit Jada but for some reason my camera doesn't like taking pictures of white??? camera is on it's way out:( So I found some pictures from the spring of another white one I knit her. I hope to make a pink one soon....

I made the neck part a bit longer to keep her neck warm. I don't allow Jada to wear a scarf for choking reasons so making the hat longer in the neck was a good solution. I got the pattern off the wrapper the wool came in. This Kitty hat was quick, easy and cheap!

Best of all Jada keeps it on her head!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What is better than goop? How about dinosaur goop?

Jada not sure what to think of this strange stuff.
Goop is a solid when you pick it up but quickly turns to liquid and oozes through your fingers.

The boys really liked this activity and quickly learned how to make the ooze last longer by picking up larger handfuls of goop.
To make your own goop you put 1 cup to 2 cups of corn starch in a container and add 1.5 cups of water. I just kept adding water until I got the consistency that I wanted. Cheap and easy fun!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Volcano Fun

I made some clear gelatin and put it in a yogurt container. When it was set I gently squeezed it out. This is supposed to look like a volcano? anyway she injects the food coloring into the gelatin to look like lava.
The result of red food coloring is red hands! We did this yesterday and her hands are still pinkish.

Her determined face

She thought this was a lot of fun. However, the activity didn't last long as Jada is not the most gentle toddler and ripped the top off the volcano.
This is an activity I will do again when she is a bit older. I think the gelatin would be so cool to have in a sensory bin. Especially for toddlers who love to squish their fingers into messy stuff. Summer activity for sure!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dino Excavation and shadow fun

It finally stopped raining long enough for us to do our Dino excavation activity. 2 long weeks of straight rain was enough for me! I don't know what the children liked better, getting outside or digging for bones. Either way it was a fun afternoon! And a bit warm too!

Carefully brushing the sand away from the bones

Jada found a bone but quickly decided she wanted to bury it again. She liked having her own little cup to bury her bone so she could have it all to herself lol

The children really worked as a team on this one. Lots of excitement, shouts and smiles.

Shadow Fun!

One of the older children said she was stepping on my Shadow and then they all started stepping on each others shadows. We decided it would be cool to take our picture in Shadow form

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