Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year we have 2 advent calendars going at the same time. One downstairs for the daycare and one just for Jada upstairs. I thought I would share what is in both of our advents for those of you stuck for ideas. I didn't want Jada to focus on the stuff (candy)that comes in advent calendars so I did a few days with some surprises but mostly activities that we can do together. Each day has a tiny slip of paper telling us what activity to do or where to find a surprise.

Jada's advent:
1. Put up our Christmas tree
2. Christmas tree Chocolate
3. Listen to Christmas music
4. make a marbleized ornament
5. Go for a Wagon/sleigh ride
6. Look under your pillow for a surprise (Hair Elastics)
7. Go for a drive to look at Christmas lights
8. Make some Christmas cards
9. Play with our Christmas themed play Dough
10. Make a foot snowman painting
11. Find a surprise under your pillow (a snowman pez)
12. Play with our Christmas themed Sensory Bin
13. Read some Christmas books
14. Look under your pillow for a surprise ( singing snowman)~ I got it on clearance last boxing day
15. Build a snowman
16. Make some orange clove scents (activity)
17. Make a reindeer from our hand and foot prints
18. Go for a winter walk
19. Attend Grampie's Christmas Birthday (he was born on Christmas eve)
20. Have some hot chocolate
21. Go sledding
22. Watch the polar express
23. Bake cookies
24. put out cookies for Santa and read the night before Christmas
25. Mini Santa Chocolate

* Please note these are not in any particular order as they may change dates depending on the weather*
I tried to correspond Jada's advent with the Day cares. Again this is in no particular order.

Day cares Advent:
1. Christmas sensory bin
2. Christmas themed Play Dough
3. Make marbleized Christmas ornaments
4. home day
5. home day
6. Put up our Christmas tree
7. Orange clove scents activity
8. Christmas felt stories
9. Snowman made from our foot prints
10. make cinnamon ornaments
11. home day
12. home day
13. Ice cream cone Christmas tree decorating
14. Snowman buttoning
15. Have some hot chocolate
16. Reindeer feet and hands craft
17. Read Christmas books
18. home day
19. home day
20. special treat
21. watch the polar express
22. Build a snowman
23. Cookie decorating and class party
24. home day
25. home day
stay tuned for future posts on these activities. I hope you can use some of these ideas:)

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Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

It's sweet that you did 2. My mom did day care and everything got done with the other kids. I can understand why she did that (6 kids of her own, and lots of day care kids) but it was always nice when we did something without the other kids.

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