Friday, November 12, 2010

Chalkboard Tablecloth

Our new chalk tablecloth. I saw this on someones blog last year and now I can't find it! If anyone knows please send me the link:)

My sister Katrina made this for us. She got the fabric from etsy and lucky her she has a snap press.

She put snaps on the corners to hold it in place.

Now that Winter is almost here we will be spending more time indoors so I can assure you we will be using this a lot!


Jessie said...

This really is a neat idea, and your right..perfect for winter!

Anonymous said...

What is a snap and press??

Andrea said...

See in the last pic that the tablecloth has snaps to pinch it closer to the table. A snap press is what attaches the snap to the cloth:)

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