Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dino Mania

I have been searching for dinosaur ideas for the past month getting ready for this Months Dino theme. Let me tell you it's not easy keeping track of all my resources because there are so many great ideas out there. I am so thankful for these woman who put soooooo much time into their blog posts! I have found so many great ideas in the blog world. To tell you the truth I have always avoided doing a dinosaur theme because I couldn't come up with enough activities to do a days worth let alone a monthly theme!
The Following links are where I got my inspiration, printables and more for this months activities. I have tried very hard to keep everything straight but please forgive me if I missed anything. If you have a link to share please leave it in the comments section. I would really love to add to this list:)
Totally Tots has a great list of various activities for Dinosaur themes. My favorite link that she has posted is the Dinosaur train activity page for teachers from PBS. Another great post from Totally Tots is full of even more ideas!
1+1=1=1 has THIS awesome post

I got a great shape matching game from HERE
Make a archaeologist dig
Another fantastic idea for making Dino eggs.
Preschool activities Has songs, rhymes and more
THIS fantastic post by Along The way shows you how to make dinosaur eggs.
Oh and another great idea for eggs you can find HERE She also has a great Sensory Bin found Here Most of my materials for the Dino theme came from The Shafer Family's blog post about Dinosaurs. She has a list of places to get printables.
Confessions of A homeschooler has a whole post about the letter D is for Dinos. I have used a lot of her printables too.
The absolute greatest Dino play dough activity can be found HERE.
I am not that ambitious but wanted to share for those of you who are.
Frozen Dino dig: When I saw THIS post and saw the picture of the frozen plastic animals I knew had to try freezing the dinos for an excavation project!
My very own ideas are very few but here it goes:
1. Gelatin volcano
2. Dinos in goop
3. Dino Felt Stories/ activities
4. Grow a Dino in a bottle - $ store activity
5. Hammering with Dino teeth (golf tees) - I actually saw this on Itty Bitty love but she wasn't doing a Dino Theme. I just decided to go out on a limb and pretend the golf tees were Dino teeth.
6. Dino egg experiment
7. Dino Shaped Sandwiches
8. Dino sort by color
9. Watch the Magic School Bus Dino movie online Found HERE I love FREE!!!!!!! I watched this movie with Jada before introducing it to the whole class. It is excellent as the Magic School bus movies always are!

See not very many! So again a HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to all the links I have listed. You have all been a life saver!
I also got my books from the library.

I have some books of my own as well. I will take another trip to the library next week. I have the Magic School Bus In the time of the Dinosaurs on hold, as well as a Go Diago Go movie about Dinos.
I hope this is helpful to those who want to do a Dino theme:)


Jessie said...

HI, love all your ideas for Dino Month! Thanks for linking back to my blog! I noticed that one of my links didn't work (the one for the dino sensory bin.)
Just thought i'd letcha know :)
Oh! I also did a dinosaur themed playdate...http://www.playcreateexplore.com/2010/09/dinosaur-themed-playdate.html.
Love your blog! Can't wait to get started on some of your projects!

Andrea said...

Thank You Jessie for letting me know about the link. It's all fixed now:) We are making your dino eggs next week. I will post pics when we do. Thanks so much for stopping by:)

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