Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dinosaur Activity trays

I have a ton of activity trays for this month but for now I will share a few and leave the rest for another post
Dino egg tong search
I got this Idea from HERE
I have seen on other blogs where they use a slotted spoon. I will probably change to the spoon in a few weeks once we get the hang of the new bagel tongs.

Dino fossil match I got from HERE
I decided to use the Terracotta clay to look more authentic

The next 3 activities I got from HERE

She has some really great ideas!

Sorting Dino's by size

I thought this was a cool idea. The children make eggs from play dough to fit into the Dino nest.

2 Dino eggs. So clever!

Stay tuned for more activities!

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