Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frozen Reversible Wreath

Frozen Reversible Wreath

I saw this in a Martha Stewart Magazine years and years ago. It was back in the day when she still had a children's magazine. I miss those days! I would get super excited when a new copy would come out. Luckily I saved some of my favorite pictures and put them in my someday craft book.

I hung our wreath on the daycare door so the children could see it everyday.

This is the pretty patterned bottom

When you freeze your wreath you will need to add your string for hanging. I tied mine around an apple slice to keep it in place during the freezing stage

When you take your wreath out of the freezer place the pan in a shallow sink of warm water. You will hear it crackle. This is when you should gently remove the pan from the sink and turn over onto your counter. It should slide right out.

This is the patterned pan I used.

Pretty Orange side???

Or Pretty berry side????

Things I used for my wreath:
water, Sliced apples, sliced oranges, sliced celery and left over Swedish berries from Halloween. I didn't have any cherries and swedish berries were the closest I had on hand.

How to make a frozen wreath?

Arrange how you want your food items in the pan, tie your hanger to an apple slice and carefully place in the freezer. I froze mine for a few weeks only because I forgot about it. I'm sure you could just freeze overnight. I think next year or when this one melts I will add just a drop of red food coloring. Also some cinnamon sticks would make a nice contrast too.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Love it! I started the "someday" book back before I was married too. So glad that I did! It really comes in handy! The wreathes look great! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

Michelle said...

What a neat idea! How long did it last before it melted?

Andrea said...

Hi Michelle,
It only lasted a few days because we had such a mild winter this year. Next year I plan to add some pine needles and real cranberries

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