Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Martha I miss you!!!

This is totally random I know............... But after I dug out my someday craft book I realized I had a lot of pages riped from the Martha Stewart Kids magazines.

Oh Martha you had such a good thing going. You had me hooked then you left me high and dry!
Anyone out there in the blog world remember these?

I had a subscription and everything! my all time favorite was the Christmas one. I LOVED this magazine! Can anyone recommend a similar magazine for kids?


Sherri said...

I need this magazine!

Andrea said...

I know right? I guess they figured all good things must come to an end:( I so miss this magazine!

Katie said...

I have a lot of these old magazines that I've been carting around for years. And I'm so glad! Especially since she stopped printing the Baby and Kids editions. I would totally cough up the money for a subscription of she would start again.

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