Friday, November 5, 2010

Restaurant Activity Bag and Art Smock

I thought you might be tired of hearing about Dinosaurs! It's only week One and I need a break from Dino mania too!

I thought I might share my life saver:
This is our Restaurant bag/Outing bag. Commonly known as a diaper bag.

We got this bag for free from the Nestle Company. It came with a bottle, formula and coupons. The back of the bag has a pocket especially made for a change pad that also came with the bag.

Recently I had a friend ask me what I take for toys or entertainment while we are out to a restaurant. Let's just say that I learned what to take though trial and error. Jada was never a child who loved eating out. Those coloring place mats that the restaurant gives you with crayons just don't interest Jada. Last night we went out to dinner and got to try out our new "restaurant bag". Lets just say this time around dinner was quiet and not rushed. Waiting for our dinner to arrive to our table was peaceful and full of laughs. I think what really helped was she wasn't in a highchair, as she hates them. She sat in the booth style seat with us. The other thing that I think helped was I had new things in our bag for entertainment.

What's inside?
2 Board books
A packet of crackers
A crayon Wallet
Chalk Place mat
Diapers and Wipes
2 Tylenol cups with measured eye dropper

I bought the Crayon Wallet HERE. She includes the crayons, paper and homemade crayons. You can see our doodles from last night:)
The chalk place mat I got from my sister, Katrina. she makes the most amazing things for kids. She should really sell it on Etsy! You can find some HERE. I give Jada a baby wipe to use as an eraser.
And last but not least Jada's favorite is the Tylenol measured cups. I save these when we run out of Tylenol. When we were at the restaurant I asked our server for a glass of water and filled one of the cups up. Jada loved transferring the water! It was one of those moments where I thought, Why didn't I think of this before?
What's in your outing bag???????????????????????????????????????????

Art Smock

This thing is a life saver. Or should I say stain saver! Once upon a time I met this wonderful woman named Liz who was my mentor for Emergent curriculum. She took me to her Daycare centre that she had in her home, to have a look at her setup. I gravitated to the art area and spyed her art smocks. Low and behold she made them! All you do is buy half a meter of rain retardant fabric. Fold it over and cut out a hole along the top for a head. Then sew elastic on each side for the arms to hold the smock in place. Mine are cut so they fall just at the children's knees. These are Brilliant I tell you, BRILLIANT!!!!! Mine pictured above are about 3.5 years old. I have one for each of the 6 children. They wash and dry beautifully. Yes they are frayed on the edges a bit but that's as far as it goes. The fabric doesn't snag or rip.
I have had store bought ones before and they just don't last or they aren't water proof. We use our smocks for water play, messy crafts or activities and baking.
Have a great Weekend!!!

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