Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sneak Peek At My December Planning

I have been working on my planning for December and thought I would share. I can't wait to show you my December Sensory bin that I just finished putting together. I also had a lot more activities planned for December but decided to scale it back because I want the holidays to be as stress free as possible.

Theme: Everything Christmas

Sensory Bin: Christmas tree decorating
play Dough: Candy Cane theme

Santa Hat Pictures ~yearly tradition
Hand Print Reindeer
Ice cream cone tree decorating
Gum Drop pushing
Orange Clove pushing
Apple Cinnamon Ornaments
Pop Bottle Christmas Trees
Foot print Snowman
Hand Print Snowman
Cookie Decorating
Glass ornament and paint~Parent gift
Dot page
Some surprises!

Activity Trays:
snowflake scooping
Mini Present Tonging/tweezing or Scooping
Christmas Colored water eye dropper and bath cling
Red and Green Sort
Christmas puzzles
Christmas Pom Pom transfer
Christmas Figures tonging/tweezing

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