Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Day 3 Parent Gift

I'm sure that every school and daycare get the children to make parent gifts for Christmas. Last year we made hand print ornaments like THESE.
The parents just loved them. This year I wanted to add to the ornament collection as I have many of the same children as last year.
I got this idea from a message board that I am a member of but I have seen it posted on many, many blogs. You can check out Itty Bitty Love's She has a tutorial too.

WARNING!!!!!! I went way overboard with the pictures!

What you will need: Paint, sparkles and glass ornaments. I bought my ornaments at Michael's with a 50% off coupon

Remove the top of the ornament and squirt a small amount of paint inside.

Place ornament cap back on and gently shake. I forgot to cover the top with a cloth and a very little bit of paint came out on our hands.

You can see the paint on her fingers. Next just sit and let the ornaments dry. Add some ribbon or a hook for hanging.

Jada's finished ornament

Oh so easy and pretty!

Our friends ornaments with tags

1 comment:

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

That's so fun, this would be perfect for my kids this year! We're going to be with my family this year (and my family is huge) so I was looking for an inexpensive yet cute gift. Thanks!

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