Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Activity Trays

FINALLY December is here! I have been planning this months activities sinse September.

The activity trays were so much fun to put together. I'm sure I will be adding more as the month goes on.

Math Tree Matching

Fine Motor Alphabet pages

Open and Close Christmas Theme Activity
Tweezing/Tonging Tiny Poinsettias

spooning Christmas pompoms

Scooping Berries (fake from the dollar store)

Matching Christmas erasers I got this Idea from The Shafer Families Blog

Tweezing/Tonging tiny Presents~left over from my sensory bin

Tweezing/Tonging Tiny hard Plastic Trees

Sorting small Winter felt and Plastic Stickers

All the little items came from the dollar store. The sectioned wood box was from a thrift store that used to house 4 different puzzles. It also came with a sliding wood cover.
Stay tuned for more Christmas fun:)


Michelle said...

What fun activities :-)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the open and close basket! Elle would love that! Kerri

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