Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is all wrapped up

Christmas is all wrapped up at our house, literally! I have been debating on if I should do this post for many reasons. One good reason is that I don't want people to think I'm "showing off" how many gifts Jada is getting and two people might think we didn't get our child enough. I want to do this post because I wanted to share with all of you that gift giving can be simple and educational. Or at least I tried to stick with the educational theme and asked our family to do the same. So here it goes...

First up is the super soft numbers that I purchased here.
Also the tree blocks and lacing buttons that I blogged about HERE and HERE. And in the snowman gift bag is a CD rom of learning numbers, colors and shapes with the help of Elmo and friends. This group of Gifts is from Mommy and Daddy.

This learning doll was purchased off EBay second hand in mint condition for $5.oo it has zippers, snaps, laces buttons etc. And the Little Tykes drawing board is double sided for all sorts of learning fun. I bought it at Toys R Us for $10.
Here is Jada's stalking from Santa. Markers from the dollar store, Matching wood discs from HERE, Wooden people from HERE, a tooth brush, little daisy earrings, and the rag alphabet I made and blogged about HERE And lastly the little quilt I made for her doll and blogged about HERE All of this is from Santa

And this is what her stalking stuffers look like all wrapped up and waiting to be placed into her stalking Christmas eve. It took me all year to get ready for this Christmas but it was so worth all the time spent creating, planning and shopping for bargains.
We also got her a cleaning cart that was $5 at walmart after Christmas last year and a easel that was $8 after Christmas at Winners. They are already wrapped in gift wrap but I will try to post about them in the new year. In all I think I spent between $100 and $150 I don't think that's too bad consittering the quality of the materials.
Over Christmas break I plan to get working on making more Eco friendly gift bags in large, medium and small so next year we can eliminate the use of gift wrap paper altogether


Jessie said...

You've been making christmas presents all year?! Wow! I think I'll make that my new years make more homemade gifts and to make them throughout the year! She has a wonderful Christmas waiting for her! :)

Elle Belles Bows said...

I don't think that it looks as though you are showing off and I definitely do not think that anyone would ever think that you got Jada too little. Your blog is about your family and what you feel is best for your child and the happiness of the family. That is all we are all trying to do....raise our kids the best that we all can and listen to our hearts in doing so. Job well done on your presents. I believe that Jada will be one happy little girl on Christmas morning!! Kerri

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