Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Homemade Recycled Gift Boxes

This Christmas I am trying to avoid waste that comes with wrapping paper. So I decided to make my own boxes made from my old greeting cards.
To make cute recycled gift boxes you will need:

A pen, ruler, tape, old Christmas cards and scissors

Cut the card at the fold line and mark an x with your ruler to find the center of your cards.

Next fold all four sides towards the middle of your x

Next cut the fold lines on the 2 sides across from each other. So you will make 4 cuts in total

The cuts will be your tabs to fold in to make the sides of your box. You will need to tape these in place

Now you are finished the top of your box. You can trim any uneven tabs that may be sticking up

As you can see in this picture I had some tabs to trim before moving onto making the next box

Now you will have to repeat the steps above with one small change. You will have to cut the opposite fold lines than the ones you did on your first box. This is so your boxes won't be the exact same size and will fit into each other.

Instead of cutting off the excess tabs that stuck up I folded them in and taped them. Then just add tissue paper and a little gift item. These are our recycled crayons that fit nicely inside.

And now you have a gift all ready for giving without the guilt of making too much waste.

Here are some more examples of the different sized boxes we made. I used scrapbook embellishments for one of my boxes. Depending on the size of your cards you can make bigger or smaller boxes.

Having trouble following my tutorial? You can follow this one for the exact directions or if you like things that are more advanced you can follow this one. I personally like the first one listed as that is how we did them when I was a little girl. However, I just don't have the time to wait for glue to dry so I used tape.

Have fun!

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Michelle said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing a great tutorial :-)

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