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January Sensory Bin And Play Dough Walking In A Winter Wonderland

I know it's not January yet but it's only 2 days away! Wow 2011 here we come.!!!! I have to admit that the past 5 months have been tough, really tough. I have been using my blog as a creative outlet to forget my troubles as I'm sure most of us bloggers do. So a huge thank you to all of my followers for continuing to read my blog. I'm new to this whole blog world thing and have learned oh so much in just a few short months. For one, for the love of Pete link back to where you got an idea or the blog world will explode. No, not really I'm just joking but really I had no idea this was even expected as I was unaware of the social rules in blogging. So again, thank you for your kind comments and sticking by me though my awkward posts, poor grammar and bad picture quality. I'm really hoping that 2011 will be kinder to us all and we can all rally together with creative ideas and support one another along the journey of teaching our little ones.
If you have read this far I will get back to your scheduled programming.....

This months theme is winter and snow. Since we have done a lot of pom pom activities and cotton ball activities I thought I would use rice to look like snow. I did add a few pompoms to add some color and interest. Now keep in mind I am not a fan of using rice in sensory bins because it bounces off our floors and we find rice in the strangest places long after the bins are put away. However, I do have to admit it really does look great and is a lot of fun to play with.

What I used:
Pom poms
rice to look like snow
scoop and bowl
peg people ~ gift from Santa. I just love them! we may paint some up in the coming months
winter trees
magnifying glass ~I added this because there are some very tiny buttons in there and some pretty cool textured ones. Plus we just got a new one is this is a great excuse to try it out

Building snowmen play dough kit

Sparkle, sparkle. I know it's hard to see but trust me it sparkles. My only regret is not adding the peppermint extract

I got this idea from HERE

I love saving those liquid laundry detergent caps. They come in so many different colors and shapes. They make great hats for our Snowman play dough activities and they will be great for scooping and pouring

I knit all the different colored scarves in less than 30 minutes. The rocks are left overs from our Dino sensory bin and his nose is just a tiny lacing bead.
Thanks for stopping by:)
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Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

I'm with you on the rice in bins. Moose's OT had us make one...rice is brutal...

But love your a former teacher, this made remember the days of rotating the sensory bins...


Cate said...

Love the sensory bin - what a great idea. I have all the stuff to make playdoh...the kids have been at me for two days now. Must get off the computer and make it - thanks for reminding me :-)

Michelle said...

I'm learning along with you!Thanks for sticking with it:-) Once again, you have a great sensory bin......and I LOVE the snowman building!!!!

Leptir said...


PS You have little blog award here:

Cara said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I like the building snowman kit... it's perfect for these snowy days.

I know what you mean about blogging... but I think the idea of giving credit where credit is due is just a general rule of thumb and one that's not particular just to blogging. The way I look at it is that in everyday life you wouldn't take credit for something you didn't do, right? It's just about being fair is all!

Keep up the great work! said...

This week we are having a tea party and next week we will be also talking about winter and snow. We would love to hear from you and leave a comment and you will be entered in our 2011 kick off giveaway. :) joyce, ps love the sensory bin.

Marita said...

Linking back is good, is how I find new blogs :grin:

The snow scene looks fantastic. Very clever idea.

Miss Carly said...

What fantastic ideas you have here!

Narelle said...

I love those sensory tubs! And how awesome to make a snowman out of playdough. I've never thought of that before! Will be trying out these ideas when it hits Winter here :)

Philippa said...

the playdough snowman is super cute I love the hat :)

Olives and Pickles said...

good job mama!

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