Monday, January 31, 2011

February Activity Trays

This month we are doing the theme Valentines and friendship. I tried my best to incorporate these themes into this months trays.

Pouring red heart gems

Clothes pin pinching to a heart container

Open and close Valentine basket

Foam Heart Lacing. I got this idea from Tired, Need Sleep

Stamping valentine stamps

Unlock my heart. I got This Idea From Leptir's Blog

Tonging/tweezing heart erasers

I know this has nothing to do with Valentines but...Jada got these for Christmas and I have been trying to introduce them to her over time. She and I were so overwhelmed with all that she got for Christmas that I thought this was a far better idea them letting the toys lay around forgotten

I love this little magnetic doll that you dress up in all those cute little outfits. Another Christmas gift

Magnetic Alphabet pages. we just use flat marbles or cheerios for ours . As usual I got this at the Making Learning Fun Site

Skewer pushing hearts I found this idea over at The Shafer Families Blog

Heart button snake. Spin off from my bear button snake from last month. I also saw this on Leptir's blog

Lots of Christmas gifts that I had put away are making an appearance this month.
Santa brought her rag Numbers. I made some Alphabet ones and just never got around to making the numbers. So I bought them HERE I bought mine when she had a sale

There are 11 numbers 0 to 10 in this set

I love this matching set I bought HERE

I know this next tray is a repeat from January but Jada loved it so much I put it out again. This time I will add a few drops of red food coloring to the water.

Washing and drying the cutlery then finding the right spot to place each piece

I got this Valentine water transfer idea from HERE. However, I think I have seen it on at least 3 other blogs
I am showing two activity trays in one because they are different sizes. This is for 2 children to work at the same time ( a new exciting improvement for the children)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

February Sensory Bin and Play Dough

Valentines Day Sensory Bin

I added red and white kidney beans, pipe cleaner hearts, foam hearts, heart gems, pink rose petals, red pompoms, scoop and small pink tin lunch box to our valentine sensory bin.
Jada loves this bin so much she eats the beans! it's a common problem right now. I know taste is sensory but come on dried beans???

We are talking all about love and friendship for the month of February. We have a lot of exciting things planned!

This months play dough was inspired by hot cinnamon hearts. I recycled our January play dough because it only got used once or twice. I added the food coloring and it gave it a marbleized look. I love how it turned out! Again Jada eats it...

You can see the pretty sparkles a bit better now that the dough is red
Thanks for looking
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Paint Chip Valentine Cards

I saw these cute paint chip valentines HERE . I fell in love with the idea of recycling paint chips and its homemade!
This is way too easy! All you need is a paint chip sample, glue, scissors and some foam hearts. Cut, glue, fold and write a little note inside
I posted about these envelopes HERE I think it all goes together very well

This is what I wrote on the inside

And another example of how you can make valentines from paint chips. This was the bigger single samples that theyhave in the paint isle of the hardware store.
Thanks for looking:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine Sweethearts Gift

Maybe I'm just a crazy romantic but I love this print. I love it so much I bought it and framed it for my husband, Jason. You can check out the details Here Each year I am at a loss of what to give Hubby for Valentines. When I saw this print I was hocked line and sinker.
I just hope he likes it. A few months ago we bought a few acres of land in the country where we hope to retire someday.

Picture taken at the end of our new driveway this past November. A huge contrast from where we live today, In a very busy city!

In the mean time we are going to build a small cottage there. Jason loves the outdoors and everything about this print screams his name. I thought that someday he could hang it in the cottage.
What are you giving your sweetheart for Valentines?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Award To Share

I know I haven't been very good about accepting awards and passing them on. sorry to all of you who send them to me. I'm pretty tight for time these days but wanted to let you know I am touched that you include me in the fun:) A special thanks to Beth over at Sand To Pearl for the stylish blogger award! If you don't know who she is then it's a must that you go check it out. she makes the BEST sewing projects!
So there are rules to accepting this award and they are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about this award
so here it goes.......
2. 7 Things about me
~ I love chocolate to the point that I think I could live off it
~I'm obsessed with looking at Etsy like everyday
~ I love to craft
~I love to organize thing such as closets and such when I have the time. I don't have that much time like I used to
~I love to hunt for interesting things to add to our activity tray collection
~ I try to be the best mom I can be. I try very hard to do all kinds of activities with Jada Roo that I didn't get to do with my mom
~I love hearing from other bloggers! nice comments make my day!
3. 15 bloggers that I recently discovered. Oh boy I discovery so many great ones everyday that it's going to be hard to narrow this down to 15!
1. The Shafer Family. seriously, I link back to her so often I'm sure I drive her nuts lol
2. Ask Anna. She has some great ideas on how to keep your house neat, clean and organized
3. Crafts by Amanda this woman has got some awesome crafts going on over there!
4. House of baby Piranha she has some very cute activities that she does with her little ones
5. Leptir is an awesome place to find some creative Montessori activities
6. Musings of me has some great printables that she works very hard on and is so nice to share with her readers
7. Paper wings love this blog. I just found it a few days ago. some great crafty ideas
8. Roots and Wings more crafty goodness
9. Tired, Need Sleep has great ideas for tots and preschoolers
10. Totally Tots ore great activity ideas for tots
11. The idea room. More great craft ideas
12. The activity mom so many ideas for children's crafts and activities
13. Smashed Peas and Carrots. what can I say I love, love, love her craft ideas
14. Something from Cassie. Fantastic paper good crafts!
15. Red Ted Art's blog lots and lots of art ideas for children among other crafts projects
O.k. so after 35 minutes I got this done. I am doing this as a huge thank you to the blogs that I frequent the most who put so much work into their blogs for all of us to enjoy. There are just so many great blogs that I see everyday that I feel bad not mentioning them but I will in time.
Thanks for reading Jada Roo Can Do !

Valentine Headbands

Super simple and fast headbands for Valentines!

Jada's "Cheese" Face

This year Jada is just about 2.5 years old for Valentines. I thought she might want to make some headbands with me since she is really into hair accessories these days. Turns out not so much! She likes mommy to do the work and she concentrates on being the model.

This was such a simple crafts I doubt you need a tutorial but I will tell you how we made it. I went to the dollar store and bought a package of 2 headbands. I picked out all the red and white pom poms from my Christmas activity trays. Then I hot glued them onto the headband in alternating colors.

Easy peasy! and best of all Jada loves them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Face!

We have been having so much fun decorating our new Fred Food Face Plates. I have been wanting these for close to a year and finally broke down and bought one. We had to take a special trip to a very busy part of the city to get it so it was an exciting excursion for Miss Jada. These plates are not cheep that's for sure! However, I have to tell you Jada now eats just about all of her meals! that's a huge improvement.

Ham slices, apple, carrot and Jada's favorite dill pickles. She only left one lonely carrot stick behind at lunch time. I know it doesn't look like very much food but Jada is very much like her mom a mini meal eater. we both eat all. day. long!

This was a very, very quick lunch I threw together because we were running behind schedule and Jada was showing signs of a total break down if a meal wasn't put in front of here ASAP.
Spaghetti noodles and sauce.

Chicken, vegetable stir fry

This was a afternoon snack

Melba toast rounds, cream cheese and cheerios

Once she spread the cream cheese I added some more crackers for the eyes and made some horns out of Pita filled with red pepper hummus. So yummy

Look What I Did!

A while ago I said I would post our new art board. I got the idea off etsy but just recently I saw it on a blog but have no idea what blog it was. Anyway I have been waiting for hubby to attach it to the wall and today he did:)

Notice how one end has a nice curve to it? This used to be a wooden measuring chart that was very boyish. So I sponge painted it then cut our the letters on my Cricuit and mod podged them on. I also mod podged the whole thing to seal the paint. I then painted some old wooden clothes pins and glued them to the wood. So easy and a great way to recycle something that didn't suit our needs.
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