Thursday, January 6, 2011

Confession Friday

Boy do I ever have a list for you today some good and some not so good:
1. I love it when my husband cleans the house! and I'm not saying that because he reads my blog because believe me he doesn't read my blog or have time to
2. I joined Weight Watchers last week and despite eating very, very well I only lost .4 pounds! seriously, that's it! I'm frustrated
3. Blogger is getting boring. I need new templates and themes. They should really add more to that tiny list that they have available

4. I love our dog really I do, it's just that he's more work than I thought he would be. Don't get me wrong I'm not giving up on him it's just that I need him to work with me not against me. Thank goodness doggy kindergarten is starting soon!

5. I love my girls imagination and I love it when her and her daddy get creative without my intervention
6. I feel like 2011 isn't any better than the last few months of 2010. Our bad luck just keeps coming.
7. I'm dreaming of a vacation that we can't afford and it makes me sad
8. I really, really need something good to happen and soon. Nothing specific anything really. Just something to give me a boost that will help me stay positive that this year will get better.

So that's my confession. I haven't done it in a few weeks so i thought i would catch up with a long list. What are your confessions??


Emily said...

I too love it when my husband cleans... but only when he does it without being asked. :)

Here's a great FREE sight to get backgrounds for your blog. I love it!

Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Thanks Emily I will check it out when my computer is back from getting fixed. Right now I am on the netbook and it is SLOWWWWWW

jess_hak said...

I do WW too. Let me tell you that 4lbs in one week is fantastic! I'm lucky if I get 1 lb. a week. 2 lbs a week is a great week for me (and I don't even cheat with my food!)

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