Monday, January 31, 2011

February Activity Trays

This month we are doing the theme Valentines and friendship. I tried my best to incorporate these themes into this months trays.

Pouring red heart gems

Clothes pin pinching to a heart container

Open and close Valentine basket

Foam Heart Lacing. I got this idea from Tired, Need Sleep

Stamping valentine stamps

Unlock my heart. I got This Idea From Leptir's Blog

Tonging/tweezing heart erasers

I know this has nothing to do with Valentines but...Jada got these for Christmas and I have been trying to introduce them to her over time. She and I were so overwhelmed with all that she got for Christmas that I thought this was a far better idea them letting the toys lay around forgotten

I love this little magnetic doll that you dress up in all those cute little outfits. Another Christmas gift

Magnetic Alphabet pages. we just use flat marbles or cheerios for ours . As usual I got this at the Making Learning Fun Site

Skewer pushing hearts I found this idea over at The Shafer Families Blog

Heart button snake. Spin off from my bear button snake from last month. I also saw this on Leptir's blog

Lots of Christmas gifts that I had put away are making an appearance this month.
Santa brought her rag Numbers. I made some Alphabet ones and just never got around to making the numbers. So I bought them HERE I bought mine when she had a sale

There are 11 numbers 0 to 10 in this set

I love this matching set I bought HERE

I know this next tray is a repeat from January but Jada loved it so much I put it out again. This time I will add a few drops of red food coloring to the water.

Washing and drying the cutlery then finding the right spot to place each piece

I got this Valentine water transfer idea from HERE. However, I think I have seen it on at least 3 other blogs
I am showing two activity trays in one because they are different sizes. This is for 2 children to work at the same time ( a new exciting improvement for the children)

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Emily said...

Thanks for all the GREAT ideas!! I really apperciate all the work you put into posting on your blog. I did my first sensory bin with my 2 year old and he is constantly asking for it! The rice has become "snow" perfect for the yucky weather we seem to always be having! Thanks again!!

Andrea said...

Thanks for reading Emily. I often wonder if anyone reads my posts. I would love to see your sensory bin! if you have a pic on the web please direct me to it:)

Kerryanne Cummins said...

I LOVE your activities trays! Thank you for sharing them. You have lots of great ideas.

Jode said...

I love your ideas!

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