Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Face!

We have been having so much fun decorating our new Fred Food Face Plates. I have been wanting these for close to a year and finally broke down and bought one. We had to take a special trip to a very busy part of the city to get it so it was an exciting excursion for Miss Jada. These plates are not cheep that's for sure! However, I have to tell you Jada now eats just about all of her meals! that's a huge improvement.

Ham slices, apple, carrot and Jada's favorite dill pickles. She only left one lonely carrot stick behind at lunch time. I know it doesn't look like very much food but Jada is very much like her mom a mini meal eater. we both eat all. day. long!

This was a very, very quick lunch I threw together because we were running behind schedule and Jada was showing signs of a total break down if a meal wasn't put in front of here ASAP.
Spaghetti noodles and sauce.

Chicken, vegetable stir fry

This was a afternoon snack

Melba toast rounds, cream cheese and cheerios

Once she spread the cream cheese I added some more crackers for the eyes and made some horns out of Pita filled with red pepper hummus. So yummy

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Tat said...

Oh, how could you eat such beauty?

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