Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going Overboard??

Remember when I said I had a huge to do list? well these gift bags were one of the items on my list. Also the most time consuming project on my list! A few posts back I talked about having a no gift wrap Christmas next year. well.....
I may Have gone a bit overboard? What do you think? Any guesses just how many of these gift bags I made? They are all different sizes too

I got this fabric on sale on boxing day. There wasn't very many fabrics to choose from by the time I got to the fabric store but I think I made off pretty well.

I managed to make 29 bags! That's a crazy amount but I plan to give some to my parents to use as well. It worked out to just under a dollar per bag. Now that's a bargain:)


Cate said...

I think you're so wise to get these done now while you still have the inspiration and inclination.

Sherri said...

I love them!

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