Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine Sun Catcher

We made some Valentine Sun Catchers as I'm sure most Bloggers are this time of year. We made ours a bit different and through trial and error came up with some perfect melted crayon hearts. #1 Error: DO NOT PUT CRAYON IN LAMINATE AND THEN IN THE LAMINATOR!!!!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

I got this idea from HERE. I didn't use wax paper as I had the laminator sheets and to tell you the truth I find wax paper curls after a few hours.

#2. Do put crayon shavings in laminator SHEETS then Iron the sheet pages together. PLEASE NOTE: It takes very little amounts of crayon shavings to do this activity. I thought I needed lots and lots but the less you put in the more transparent they become.

#3. Do cut out your hearts in various sizes.

#4. DO NOT HOLE PUNCH YOUR HEARS AS IT MAKES THEM LOOK FUNNY. Yes that is the one thing I wish I could change about our creations.

#5. Thread needle and poke through hearts. Leave enough thread so your hearts will dangle.

#6. Tie to a coat hanger and hang off curtain rod


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