Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine Sweethearts Gift

Maybe I'm just a crazy romantic but I love this print. I love it so much I bought it and framed it for my husband, Jason. You can check out the details Here Each year I am at a loss of what to give Hubby for Valentines. When I saw this print I was hocked line and sinker.
I just hope he likes it. A few months ago we bought a few acres of land in the country where we hope to retire someday.

Picture taken at the end of our new driveway this past November. A huge contrast from where we live today, In a very busy city!

In the mean time we are going to build a small cottage there. Jason loves the outdoors and everything about this print screams his name. I thought that someday he could hang it in the cottage.
What are you giving your sweetheart for Valentines?


~SHANNON~ said...

Thanks for the great gift idea! I just ordered one for my hubby for V-day! Too cute, I made sure to let the seller know I ordered because of your link!


Andrea said...

Aww I'm glad I was helpful. I just love the print and the whole outdoor aspect of it:)
I hope our hubby's love it as much as we do

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