Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Washing Dishes And Reality

Ikea has the cutest kid sized utensil set for play kitchens or personal use. We decided to use ours for activity trays when we don't use them in the kitchen area. Jada got this for Christmas from my sister. Sadly we don't have an Ikea in our province so she picked them up on a recent trip to Montreal. Boy are we thankful!

You get the idea from the picture (wash, dry and put back into the tray in the proper place)

She started out doing great but then the excitement got the better of her.....

And she started going crazy fast and water was splashing everywhere. This was right before she tossed this fist full of silverware back into the bucket with a big splash! Mommy got a little wet!!!

I asked her if she was having fun and here she is saying "yeah mom!"
Reality is:

As you can see in the end she was just being silly and really didn't care about where to put the spoons, or any other utensil but really who can blame her? water and soap and the potential to make a mess. what more could a kid want??

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Ha! That's fantastic!!! Channing loves it when I let him "wash" things too :-)

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