Friday, February 4, 2011

Bingo Dabber Fun

I have seen those fancy marker stampers on lots of blogs and well, they just don't sell them in Canada. That I am aware of anyway. The next best thing is Bingo dabbers from the dollar store. I can not tell you just how much the children loved these! It was quiet here for about 10 minutes or so. Anyone who has visited my house of 6 kids will know that is amazing. Yes it stained their hands but if you spray a little hair spray on their hands it just drips off easy peasy.

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Michelle said...

Thank you for joining us in last week's high paw linky! :) Come and play again! :) Left your link in our this week's linky as a welcome note! :)

Cate said...

What a brilliant idea - I have seen crayola textas that look a bit like these (only a bit smaller) and have never given them a second glance. I will have to give them a go :-)
btw: thanks for the hairspray tip...I haven't heard that one before!!

Michelle said...

Your house is always so much fun!!!! Sorry for my lack of comments lately - I've had so many things going on :-)

Holly said...

We use the bingo markers from the dollar store too! Never heard of the hair spray tip. Will try that! I am a new follower! Feel free to stop by my blog.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

We like this type of stamper too. Immy uses them as nail polish and paints our toe nails! LOL

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