Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner time Routines

We added the mini pitcher of milk to help Jada with her poring skills and we hoped this would keep her away from the heavy container of milk until she is ready to handle one.

Well it worked SORT of.... She is really, really good at pouring her milk, the problem is that she then pours her glass of milk back into the pitcher. I figured out pretty quickly that once she fills her glass the pitcher needs to be put away until her glass is empty.
Now a UPDATE on this post. I heard back from THIS seller and she agreed to ship to Canada! Hooray!!! now we just wait for our new place mat. She has reasonable prices too! Don't get me wrong Jada is perfectly happy with the one I made but I'm not. HA! Also it would be nice to have two in case of a spill or two or ten??
I only fill this tiny pitcher half way. Next week I will fill it and the next week we will move to a slightly larger pitcher. You get the idea. As she masters one skill we extend the activity to create a larger task to master and complete.
Another Update: My back is now only sore on the left side when I reach for something. So when i said that I probably wouldn't be posting much because my back hurt I didn't realize that sitting and taking it easy would be so boring! so I had lots of time to write up a few posts and read Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear a few hundred times to my little love.
Oh and in case anyone was wondering I do Jada's hair in pig tails every morning and she pulls them out in the first 20 minutes. One of these days I will get a picture with her hair done.

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