Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Etsy Favorites

I thought you might be interested in seeing what I love from Etsy. These are my purchases from the past year! I am almost embarrassed to admit I bought all this stuff in one year. I bought more things but I won't waste anyone time posting them. It's only 2 items but they turned out to be crap!!!!! Anyway I love Etsy and I buy almost all my gifts from there. I also love buying things from EBay but that's a whole other post:)
I shop online because I have next to no alone (hubby works wonky hours) time to go shopping and concentrate on each item. Online shopping can be done 24/7

To start I thought I would post my favorite item I bought for ME! It's a queen sized rag quilt. I love, love, love it! it's a nice heavy blanket that I snuggle up in every night. I can't describe just how much I adore this blanket.

Next up is a slight variation of the actual mug cozy that I bought but basically the same. Mine has a heart button. I just got it yesterday and it's awesome!

And of course most of you remember the print I bought Jason for Valentines. My actual print is on my side bar.

For the new Puppy Cooper. Still waiting for this one. I'm sure it's excellent!

I bought 2 of these. 1 for Jada and 1 for the little girl who I have had in my care sense she was 11 months old. She turns 5 next week! eeek where did the time go?

I bought these because i was tired of making my own. I thought i was going to use them for valentines gifts but they turned out to be too small. Oh well next year right

Rag Numbers for Jada from this past Christmas

This is actually my friends order. She sent me the link and I fell in love with it and bought it for me and Jada. of course Jada's doesn't say Isabel

You must remember me posting about the awesome matching discs

They came in this adorable bag

We use this a lot in our sensory tubs. Great quality

And our peg people that show up in the least expected places. the children love these to bits

We haven't used these yet as they are very small. Maybe this fall?

And I bought myself a necklace with a J for Jada and a Z for Zoe with wings coming out of the Z

And my hunbby's favorite: his reads Jada's Daddy. I gave him this last year for father's day

And another father's day gift

And yet another father's day gift

A tissue holder for my purse

And a sandwich bag from the same seller as the blankets

Mother's day gift for Jason's mom

This seller was awesome! so awesome in fact I went back and bought 3 more!

Jada's rag blanket

My mom's mother's day gift

And another sandwich/snack bag

And another (hmm I haven't seen this in a few months. Monkey must have hid it)

For Jada's birthday last fall.

o.k. this item is just genius! I had all my knitting needles in a plastic grocery bag and they kept poking though. I searched for a solution and found this:

the outside looks like this:

Again the same seller as the rag blankets (crayon wallet)

Advent calendar. This was my very first Etsy purchase that started the addiction

This is not the one I got as I had it especially made to what I wanted. I picked out lots of flowers in purples and pinks

So now you probably want to know where to find all this stuff on Etsy???

Here you go:

Blankets, Crayon wallet, snack/sandwich bags

Mug Sweater

Valentine heart print

Jason's Father's day t-shirt

Valentine gift bags

Peg people

Mommy and child apron set

Jada's necklace

Wowzers that took a lot of work to post all that! blahhhhhh time for a rest lol. Hope I have inspired you to browse Etsy:)

1 comment:

emily @morefromthemoorefamily said...

I also LOVE Etsy- most of my Christmas presents came from there... I just "pounce" and I can't help to fall in love! I buy a lot of my "craft" supplies on Etsy, because they have such cute things and we don't live near any craft stores.

I am posting another sensory bin, Valentine's Day. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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