Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Chocolate dipped Marshmallows and the Stressful Week

I know you have seen this done all over many blogs but we wanted to give it a try. I fist saw this idea last year but can't remember what blog it was. Sorry:(
This is So sinfully easy! you will need marshmallows, chocolate chips (melted in microwave) sprinkles and sandwich bags. Oh and skewers too. You probable already know that you need to put the marshmallows on the skewer, and dip them in the melted chocolate and then sprinkles.

(I hate our kitchen. Just saying lol)

I let Jada do her own activity with some extra marshmallows. I totally forgot to put our aprons on. Darn!

These are Jada's creations

my creations

you will need to snip the skewers in half so they aren't so long. I didn't do that yet in the above picture.
Then you cut the Ziploc closures off the sandwich bags.

Then you just bag and tie a ribbon around each

I think they turned out pretty cute

It's been a crazy week so Wednesday night would be no different. It all started out fine, I went to the gym got home fed Jada supper and put her to bed. Got caught up on laundry and was ready for bed. Hubby went in to check on Jada and he called me into her room. The smell hit me as soon as I got to her guessed it, vomit! Stripped her bed while hubby bathed her. While I was in the laundry room Jada vomited on my bed. Oh yeah baby, good times. So I was up until midnight with Jada holding a bucket in front of her. So why am I telling you this? well because we are supposed to me boarding a plane in about 6 hours and I'm on my 5Th load of laundry and I have one more to go. Luckily Jada is fine now but I thought we were going to have to cancel the trip to Montreal. Jada is going to Nannie's house and Jason and I are going on a mini vacation. Our first time away from Jada as a couple in 2.5 years!

So now off to finish packing and washing and folding laundry.

Thanks for reading my long rambling post:)
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Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

So sorry Jada was sick, but glad she's feeling better. Have fun on your trip, it's always nice to get away with just the hubby.

Rachel Harwood said...

So funny... I did the same thing with the ziploc baggies for V-day this week. ha ha...

I did the oreo cookie on a stick, but followed the rest of your instructions, and they turned out super cute. The cookies were hard to work with, but they turned out nice in the end. Of course... you have to eat the broken ones, right? :)

I love your blog! I'm a new follower!!

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