Monday, February 7, 2011

Water Bottle dress Up For Valentines

This is my water bottle. He has been my companion to the gym for the past month. I love cold water when I'm working out but my poor bottle gets sweaty and he slips in my hand. I dropped him on the treadmill the other day and I thought he was a goner! Luckily he survived the fall:)
I set out to come with a solution to his sweaty problem.
And came up with this:

I think he is happy now. I get to try it out tonight at the gym. He looks very dashing in his valentine sweater don't you think? lol
I have no idea what the letters on the bottle stand for but it's a great bottle. The sweater covers the letters perfectly, a added bonus.

To make the water bottle sweater I just cast on 20 stitches on 2 size 6 U.S. needles and worked in stalking stitch until I thought it would fit around the bottle. then I just folded it over and sewed it together. I then added a felt heart attached by a button.

This project was very quick about 30 minutes

Speaking of sweater covers I bought myself this sweet cozy from Etsy for my hot chocolate addiction.

I hope it comes in time for valentines!

Thanks for looking:)
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is cute. I'd be tempted to use to keep my hands from getting so cold while holding onto an icy water bottle.

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