Friday, February 4, 2011

You blow me away

Some of the older children are obsessed with hot chocolate for the past few months. I wanted to give them each their very own hot chocolate for valentines day so I went off to google. For the first time in a long time google let me down. There wasn't very much out there in the way of hot chocolate valentines. So we had to come up with our own idea. Jada helped fill the envelopes and put the stickers on.
I only had to buy the marshmallows so this only cost me $1.50 to make and I have lots of marshmallows left over.

Coming up with a little valentine saying was the hardest part. It's Corney but most valentines are

Jada has 5 Little friends in her daycare class and only one is too young for hot chocolate. So when I saw this idea over at Dollar Store Crafts I thought it was perfect for the younger tots. Of course I added my own touch by adding the Valentine you blow me away on a heart cut from card stalk. On the back of the heart tag is a simple Love Jada xoxo. I already had all the items needed so it didn't cost me a cent!

1 comment:

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

The bubble one is my favorite! too cute.

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