Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lupins Galore

This activity is perfect for spring and for our rainbow theme

For this art activity we used a combination of paint chips and card stalk. I gave her some glue and off she went to create her masterpiece.

Jada loved this so much she did another one and helped some of the other children with their lupins. Jada loves getting messy so really messy crafts are a no brainer to keep her busy. I think the Easter bunny will have to be notified of her love for different art materials *Wink*Wink

Oh and did I mention that I miss MY CAMERA!!!!! And I'm so ready to pull my hair out with the save and edit options messing up. My posts look fine until I post or Preview them them they get all wonky on me again. I give up! guess I just have to live with it until blogger fixes the problem

Wordless Wednesday~ Almost~

Tracing the dog foot. Jada is obsessed with tracing her hands and now the obsession is at a new level!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Update on the Bunny Baskets

It is super deduper windy here today so please ignore the fact that his ears are about to fly him away. This was the best pic out of tons that is half decent. Again my sister made the baskets (Thank you Katrina!!!!) and I put his face on. And once again special thanks to Sun Scholars for posting this tutorial! And another great bunny basket I found Here at Mama Pea Pod.

Bunny Baskets

A huge thank you to Sun Scholars Blog for creating a tutorial for these adorable Bunny Baskets!!!!! Run over and check it out!!

I can't take credit for these. You may remember I mentioned a while back that I had an order in with my sister to make some new Easter baskets. Well she hand delivered them this morning and all I had to do was put their faces on!

And the back. I am just over the moon happy with them! Bring on the Easter egg hunt!!!! I have one more on order for my husband so I will post it once I get it finished. Oh and I am having problems saving and posting. When I save my work it messes up the placement of my pictures. Any idea why???

Birds Nest

Birds nests is an old classic seen in magazines, on blogs and on my friends face book accounts. I finally cracked and made my own using This recipe . I know they are traditionally made with Chinese noodles but the recipe I used is the one my mom used to make when we were kids.
Yup I'm still taking outside pictures until my camera gets out of the shop (camera jail). I called and the shop said only another few days and it should be all fixed and ready for pickup
The eggs have peanut butter in them....yuuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyyyy as Jada would say:)

Friday, March 25, 2011

End Of March First Of April Sensory Bin

Well it turns out Jada Raine can't be trusted with her water cups. She has dumped them in the last 3 bins! and the results were a goopy mess that got trashed. So onwards and upwards right? Soon we will be hearing the peepers in the lake across the street so I thought what a better way to welcome spring than with a frog themed sensory bin. Easter is just so FAR away this year that I didn't want to introduce the Easter bin just yet. Although it is ready to go and already photographed and saved as a draft I'm just not ready to dive right into Easter. Like I said it just feels sooooo far away. On another note Jada's daddy is coming home for 24 hours this weekend!!!! he arrives at 3 a.m. tomorrow. I can't wait to see her little face when she creeps into my room to wake me up. God love her she will be one happy girl!!!! Anyway back on topic! inside the bin: Blue colored rice, some of our tree blocks, pine cones, my homemade Lilly pads made from felt and of course frogs:) can you believe I had to order the frogs from eBay because I couldn't find any in my own city! crazy right? Have a great weekend!!!! Linking up with:
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Modern Nesting Dolls~ Christmas Gift Planning

I'm getting a head start on a homemade Christmas this year. I got the idea of modern nesting dolls off of the Etsy site. I love Etsy!
They started out like this:

I tried to buy these local without success so I had to buy them off of Ebay. Then I painted them and sealed the paint with mod podge.

And finished product:

I decided to keep this for Christmas because Jada really doesn't have the patience with the set that we already have. I hope by Christmas she will have a bit more interest in quiet activities. After all she will be 3 this Christmas and hopefully potty trained by then.....Fingers crossed Ha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

And yes this is another picture taken with my old, old camera. I hope my new camera is fixed very soon!
You can see our last years St. Patrick's day pic Here my how she grew. I forgot to buy a new shirt for this year oops bad mommy!


Monday, March 14, 2011

St.Patrick's Day Kid Crafting and The Ambidextrous Kids

I totally stole this idea from Meet The Dubien's .
I didn't have any glitter to sparkle it up but next year I will be ontop of that Ha! Ha!

Now for my ambidextrous kid

Left handed scissor skills. Check out the tongue! apparently if you stick out your tongue and cut paper the job gets done faster LOL

Right handed scissor skills

This kid just amazes me with her scissor abilities. I started letting her explore scissors (safety ones) sinse she was a year old and it payed off! She is much better with her left hand but still gets the job done with her right. Should be interesting to see which hand she chooses to use in the coming years. My dad and brother are left handed and my sister just so happens to be ambidextrous.
I'm still waiting for my good camera to come back from the shop.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colorful People

Given that St.Patrick's day is all about shamrocks and finding gold at the end of the rainbow, I painted our peg people all different colors then used mod podge to seal the paint. They are not in the right color order but still a lot of fun to play with and sort from biggest to smallest and best of all they jazz up our sensory bin:)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carnation Science Experiment: Rainbows

I did this Experiment for my grade 5 science project. I thought it fit very nicely in with our rainbow theme. You will need glass jars/containers, food coloring and carnations. Just add food coloring to each jar and top with water. Place one carnation in each jar and let the food coloring do it's thing.

About 24 hours later you should get similar results as this:

My new camera is in the shop getting fixed. It was only 4 months old and it broke already! so sorry about the blurry pics I'm using our old, old camera until I get my new one back.

Jada loved watching the flowers change color "hey, what happen mommy?" So funny.

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