Monday, March 7, 2011

Breakfast Routine

Excuse the bed head we were up at 5:20 to drive daddy to the airport. So yeah I'm a single mom for the next 54 days. Sigh........ So in these pictures we just got home from dropping daddy off and we were super hungry. Jada has a unhealthy love for butter. She sneaks it whenever she can. We find finger prints in the butter dish all. of. the. time. So I let her butter her own toast and she was on cloud 9

I think more butter got in her mouth than on her toast but it's a learning curve ha-ha!


1 comment:

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

My nephew used to eat butter straight too. Yuck. Good luck on the next 54 days. My hubs will be leaving me in June for some clinicals, and I'm scared to death.

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