Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lupins Galore

This activity is perfect for spring and for our rainbow theme

For this art activity we used a combination of paint chips and card stalk. I gave her some glue and off she went to create her masterpiece.

Jada loved this so much she did another one and helped some of the other children with their lupins. Jada loves getting messy so really messy crafts are a no brainer to keep her busy. I think the Easter bunny will have to be notified of her love for different art materials *Wink*Wink

Oh and did I mention that I miss MY CAMERA!!!!! And I'm so ready to pull my hair out with the save and edit options messing up. My posts look fine until I post or Preview them them they get all wonky on me again. I give up! guess I just have to live with it until blogger fixes the problem

1 comment:

Michelle said...

They are beautiful! :)

This post has been featured in this week's High paw! Thanks for participation and hope to see you this week again with new great ideas!

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